Our Story:
North East India is home to many tribes and communities, each with their distinctive culture and traditions that get reflected beautifully in their weaves. The warps and wefts of their unique lives spent in the luxurious lap of nature find evocative expression in the fascinating motifs of their various wonderful attires that impart to them their colourful identities that have evolved over the centuries. 

Significantly, the womenfolk of this region, which is truly a microcosm of the world, have played a stellar role in maintaining and carrying forward these identities. Women of North East India, mainly the ones in the remote rural areas, may lack in letters but more than make up for it by their fiercely independent spirit. And this spirit finds its best expression through the loom which has remained an exclusively ladies' preserve, unlike in many other parts of the country and the world at large. 

'I wish' is a tribute to the spirit of the courageous womenfolk of North East India and also to the distinguishing and rich weaves of the region. The apparels showcased here are a blend of tradition and modernity, and this symphony symbolises a bridge between the industrious rural womenfolk and the emancipated urban ones. 'I Wish' is an unexampled attempt to create a win-win synergy between womenfolk--the weavers and the end-users.